Author: Alison J. McKenzie

  • Why “no burnout” is my #1 New Year’s resolution (and should be yours, too)

    2020 is going to be packed. I have a number of aggressive writing goals. I have elaborate plans for overhauling my mental health, my physical health, my apartment, and my schedule. New year, new decade, same me, but better. My husband and I are calling 2020 “the year that we make all other years easier.” […]

  • The blog: who, what, when, where, and why

    Want to know who I am and what to expect? Start here. Who? Alison J. McKenzie — she/her or they/them I’m a writer specializing in horror, fantasy, and science fiction I have a number of writing publications, including short stories, articles, and content for tabletop and video games I’ve edited copy for Microsoft, Glu Mobile, […]