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  • Interesting article: Politico / It Really Is Different This Time

    Interesting article: Politico / It Really Is Different This Time

    Article: Two dozen experts explain why these protests may have long-lasting effects on our society.

  • Marching forward

    …because it’s March. Yep. Here’s what’s going on for me at the midway mark of this month: Finished freelance editing project that has been looming over me like a really tall guy with no sense of personal space (it wasn’t that bad, but I had crisis after crisis the moment it hit my plate—remember to […]

  • Back on schedule

    Sorry about the unexpected hiatus—I had to take a short mental health break for a while after a stressful event that turned out okay but was frightening at the time. The problem with even short breaks is the backlog piles up, especially when you’re juggling multiple commitments, but this runaway train is finally starting to […]

  • Weekend writing: getting away

    Yesterday, I checked in at a local hotel for some focused writing time. That desk by the window is where I’ve been sitting since, plugging away at the book with no distractions beyond food and sleep. I try to do this at least once for each large project, for two reasons: It can be hard […]

  • Self care as a horror lover

    To continue discussion of self care from my previous post, I want to talk a little bit about how being a horror fan (and specifically a horror writer) can sometimes cause problems. Horror is booby trapped. Earlier this week I finished A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay. It destroyed me. I couldn’t sleep […]

  • Why “no burnout” is my #1 New Year’s resolution (and should be yours, too)

    2020 is going to be packed. I have a number of aggressive writing goals. I have elaborate plans for overhauling my mental health, my physical health, my apartment, and my schedule. New year, new decade, same me, but better. My husband and I are calling 2020 “the year that we make all other years easier.” […]

  • The blog: who, what, when, where, and why

    Want to know who I am and what to expect? Start here. Who? Alison J. McKenzie — she/her or they/them I’m a writer specializing in horror, fantasy, and science fiction I have a number of writing publications, including short stories, articles, and content for tabletop and video games I’ve edited copy for Microsoft, Glu Mobile, […]