Injection of life

Hi, all, posting on a Saturday after weeks of silence because time is a construct and the world is on fire and who needs schedules anyway, ha ha ha ha ha…

I’m attending (virtually, obviously) Flights of Foundry this weekend and holy bazoly are conventions necessary for me to exist as a writer. Norwescon is a huge burst of motivation at the beginning of the year, usually followed by StokerCon, and I have been feeling that loss. Sitting in panels again feels like some small part of my off kilter universe just realigned itself.

Also, I took a class a bit ago with Cat Rambo and Jenn Brozek (love them both and yes, I have mentioned the class before), and one thing that came out of it is that you should reward yourself for hitting writing milestones.

I’ve never been good at this. Main problem? No impulse control. If I want something badly enough that it would count as a reward, and it’s in my budget, I usually just by it. Good job, Alison. You woke up today. This is for you, from me, Alison.

So finding something special enough that I want to work for it has been a challenge. Then I realized I needed to replace my gaming headset (old one died, bought a new one, hate it so much I could throw it and I’m surprised I haven’t already). Headset I settled on had matching mouse and keyboard. And mic. Oh, and I’ve been wanting to redo my desk top for a while, and—how convenient! This contact paper matches the headset and mouse and keyboard and mic. And if I got a complementary gaming mousepad, my work (and gaming) station would look BOSS.

Long story short, I’m completely re-accessorizing my computer. I bought all the components; next step, I’m wrapping them up in mermaid wrapping paper, addressing them to myself, and I’ll open one for each milestone I hit. To: Alison. Love, Alison.

Wish me luck!

P.S. Gave myself mermaid hair for quarantine:

Also featured: my quarantine hoodie, adding to the illusion that I’m a teenager, not a full-functioning adult in my thirties with a job and a husband and a baby (just kidding, it’s a cat).

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